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C&C Aviation

0936931 BC Ltd.

C&C Aviation was established in 1999 by Peter Chick, President & Founder.

C&C Aviation is an established aviation resource for Western Canadian, Approved Maintenance Organizations, Air Operators and General Aviation. 

We have earned a solid, respected, reputation. We provide solutions. 

We operated our own general aviation AMO in the Fraser Valley, and were specialists in the aircraft transportation and recovery business.


When the Canadian Aviation Regulations came into effect, we began writing some of the first AMO Manuals, and have kept current with all the changing regulations. This led us to helping other companies with their regulatory needs. We have developed a large network of contacts in the aviation community and this helps us provide the services we offer.

Our Operational experience encompasses most aspects of aviation from general aviation fixed and rotary wing, to corporate, airline, cargo, specialty application. 

C&C Aviation provides qualified, impartial advice and assistance to companies regarding regulatory issues. In our many years of business we have written many manuals and helped many organizations comply with Transport Canada requirements. We import/export an average of one aircraft per month. 

Quality Assurance, and Importing & Exporting of Aircraft as a Ministers Delegate for Maintenance (MD-M) are now the main part of our business model. 

Our reputation is built on our knowledge and performance. 

We look forward to working with you. 

Who are our clients?

C&C Aviation works with a wide variety of aviation organizations and personnel. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMO)
  • Air Operators (CAR Part 702, 703 Operators - Charter, Air Taxi, Aerial Work) 
  • Aircraft Owners
  • Airlines (CAR 705)
  • Corporate Aviation Operators
  • Flight Training Units (CAR Part 406) 
  • Approved Training Organizations (ATO)
  • Airports
  • General Aviation 
  • Educational Institutes 
  • Banks & Financial Institutions 
  • Bailiffs 
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Enforcement Agencies 
  • Legal Firms 
  • ​Museums